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At Brownsville Marine Products, safety is the top priority in every aspect of our process from raw material receipt and processing through barge launch. It is our collective mission to ensure that every employee has the capability and tools to work in a safe manner and with confidence. BMP takes great pride in making certain that our workshops, processes and equipment are clean, orderly and in good condition, and that any job task can be accomplished with minimal risk.

We expect that every employee strictly adheres to safety policies and procedures, promptly corrects and reports any unsafe condition, and takes an active role in the compliance and promotion of safe work practices. Furthermore, we expect that our Lead Men and Supervisors actively improve work conditions on a continuous basis, promote and enforce safety programs, and work closely with management to recognize, mitigate, and control unsafe tasks or unsafe employee practices. As a team, we encourage hazard recognition and elimination.

As BMP works to continuously improve our safety environment and our culture, we will continue to offer top quality barge construction. We recognize that a safe manufacturing process is an efficient and effective process. As a premier service provider to the inland river transportation market, we consider it in BMP’s and our customers’ best interests to always prioritize safety at this facility.

The linked documents above/right illustrate some of the safety equipment in use daily by the BMP workforce.



John Aliveto - Safety Manager [BMP]John Aliveto - Safety Manager
A graduate of West Virginia University in 2007, John is pursuing a Master’s of Science degree in Safety Sciences at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. John has had diverse experience in both design and construction activities. In the Safety Department at BMP since 2011.
John’s on site concentrations have been in the areas of fall protection, confined spaces, and industrial training. As part of the safety team John has provided a focus on accountability and face to face interaction with employees operating within the plant. John currently resides in Washington County.



Chris Debold - Safety and Wellness Coordinator [BMP]Chris Debold - Safety and Wellness Coordinator
Born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Chris graduated from Slippery Rock University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Safety Management in May of 2012. Chris completed the ROTC program while at Slippery Rock and is currently a Second Lieutenant in the 1-107th Field Artillery PA Army National Guard.
Chris began as a Safety intern at BMP and was hired on in October of 2012 as the Safety and Wellness Coordinator. Since starting full time, Chris has gained the opportunity to create BMP’s wellness program along with continuing the efforts of maintaining and improving BMP’s safety on site.



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