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BMP has recently upgraded our fabrication services with all new equipment which includes a horizontal blast and paint system, five additional cutting tables, three CNC plasma gantries with straight and bevel cut capabilities, a 1000 ton press brake with a tandem 40 foot bed, a structural saw, iron worker, and five new overhead cranes, the three largest of which span 134 feet and are rated at 30 tons. The integrated fabrication facility begins the processes being initiated by BMP’s Production, Engineering, and Quality Assurance staffs which verify the necessary material pulls, actions, routings and inspection criteria are defined. Meeting expectations is ensured before the process begins.

The steel is selected from designated stacks in the steel yard, moved to the conveyance for the blast and paint system, heated, and then blasted in a state of the art shot blast facility to clean and properly profile the surfaces. The blasted steel is then immediately conveyed to an automated paint system where is it coated with a uniform thickness of corrosion resistant, weldable primer. After exiting the primer curing ovens, the steel is lifted by using overhead cranes equipped with magnets, to waiting trucks, or to its next processing destination. Magnetic lifting preserves the integrity of the primer coat and prevents unnecessary damage to plate edges. The process ensures the integrity and quality of blast and primed steel from BMP starts with the steel entering the machine is assured to its destination.

Steel plate requiring further fabrication can routed to one of the CNC cutting processes. BMP has three plasma gantries and five cutting tables that can cut plate to 1.25” thick, 12’ wide, and 42’ long. Plate can have square cut edges or have beveled internal or external edges. The plasma gantries are equipped with heads that can also etch reference marks or identification markings on the top surface. Plate needing additional forming will be routed from the plasma tables to one of two hydraulic presses. The maximum capacity for forming is 1000 tons. The maximum bend length is 41’. A variety of radii can be formed. Structural steel can be routed to a CNC controlled cut-off saw or to an iron worker for more complex cutting and punching operations. BMP has the capability to roll form angles.

Custom fabrication can also be extended to include a variety of welding processes to transform parts into complex welded assemblies.

All properly integrated facilities begin with Quality Assurance. We end with the assurance that all of our processes produce fabrications that meet or exceed the technical and delivery expectations of the most discriminating customers.

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